Everyone wants to be an owner of the prestigious iPhone 13, but it is increasingly becoming very expensive. Why is the iPhone 13 so expensive? What is so special about the phone? Is it really worth the price? Read on to know.

Why is the iPhone 13 so expensive?

It is no surprise that an iPhone is a lot more expensive than a Samsung phone or any Android variety. There are many possible reasons why an iPhone 13 will burn a fist-sized hole in your pocket.

1. Because iPhone sales are off the roof

iPhone 13 sales are close to breaking records. Apple is supposed to be struggling to manufacture enough phones to meet the demand. So why is the iPhone 13 so expensive? Because they can afford to do so. They are definitely not going to lose business by increasing their prices.

And if you ask me, one of the reasons Apple keeps selling out is because their prices are so high. (unbelievable, but yes)

2. The special Apple price premium

This has always been the case with Apple products. Apple phones, computers, tablets and everything else Apple are significantly more expensive than other devices because they are meant to serve the extra-rich. Apple does not want their devices to be used by every Tom, Dick and Harry. They want to maintain their image of being a high-end smartphone. So having low prices will not do the trick.

3. Increased taxes and duties

An iPhone is much more expensive in developing countries like India and Sri Lanka than in the United States. This is due to the high taxes and duties for the import of luxury devices. Countries like Sri Lanka that are suffering from an economic crisis have raised their taxes on smart devices because their economy is too weak to support the import of non-essential products. So naturally, the price of an iPhone is very high.

4. The COVID-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in massive inflation. The prices of just about everything was raised, and with it, smartphones too. The cost of manufacturing has become high, the supply chain is meeting huge demands, and energy costs are high too.

5. High cost of manufacturing and maintaining Product Quality

If Apple iPhones are known for one thing, it is their high-quality products compared to most Android devices. So quality does not come cheap. As mentioned earlier, the COVID-19 pandemic has also led to high demand in the supply chain, and the cost of manufacturing is now high.

When the production cost is high, naturally, the company would pass on the increased cost to the consumers. Apple makers have not yet compromised on quality to maintain prices because high quality is what makes their devices stand out.
The increased cost is also made up of the chip, display and camera changes which take up a larger part of the material bill.

6. The Apple software and Apple ecosystem

The Apple OS and ecosystem offer a unique consumer experience that really does save time and energy. This includes unique and intricate software that would have taken a lot of technology and research to perfect.

So when you are paying that exorbitant price for an Apple iPhone 13, it is not just the camera, display and device you are paying for but also the advanced software system and all the future software updates that will keep upgrading your iPhone experience.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is bigger and better than ever

While the iPhone 13 series is one of the best iPhone series, the iPhone Pro Max really does heat things up.

The iPhone Pro Max boasts a battery size that is 26% larger than regular batteries, and the phone has three charging modes. It is also said to be compatible with 27W fast charging.

This phone is also much larger than other iPhones, and this additional size does translate into a higher production cost. It has a length of 16×7,8cm and, thus, a larger screen.

The phone also has an incredible OLED Super Retina XDR screen that has a 120Hz refresh rate. This screen not only adjusts itself to provide fluidity but also optimizes the battery consumption of the cell.

why is the iphone 13 so expensive?

The camera offers an ultra-wide angle operating mode with an f/1.8 aperture, which is the largest sensor Apple has ever used. As a result, the photos in night mode are sharper, whether in normal or blurred background. The iPhone 13 Pro Max enables you to take professional footage.

So is buying an iPhone 13 really worth it?

If the reason why you buy iPhones is due to their social image and because it is trendier than other devices, then I would suggest you go for the latest upcoming iPhone model, like the iPhone 15 series.

The iPhone 13 is expensive, but it’s still less expensive than the currently available iPhone 14. To anyone who wants to own a prestigious iPhone model without breaking their bank, the iPhone 13 may be a more sensible option than iPhone 14.

If you are a consumer looking for quality and good smart security, then the dollars you spend on an iPhone 13 are well worth it. An iPhone 13 is so expensive because it does not compromise on quality. It offers great performance, with great camera quality, long-lasting battery life and a great app ecosystem. The high-quality smartphone will save you much more dollars in the long run.

An iPhone 13 has more or less the same features and hardware as an iPhone 14 minus the price premium. It has the same 6.1-inch Super Retina display, IP68 dust and water resistance, ceramic shield glass, the latest iOS support, Face ID and battery capacity.
Apple also releases the latest software updates for iPhone 13 as for its latest models.

So, in my opinion, the iPhone 13 is expensive but still worth the price. If you are looking for an Apple device that promises good performance as well as high-quality, then an iPhone 13 may be the best Apple smartphone for you.

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So why is the iPhone 13 so expensive? Summary

The iPhone 13 series is so expensive because due to various reasons like high production cost, the high quality and advanced technology of the phone and also due to its unique software. iPhones are also expensive in some countries due to high import taxes and duties. And lastly, Apple products always come with a price premium over Android phones because they want to maintain the significance of their products.

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